Will 3D Areola Treatment Cause Loss of Feeling?

The areolas, or the nipples, are an area of the body that can experience loss of pigment over time. This happens when a woman goes through menopause or after she has breast surgery. Some women also experience a change in their areolas after giving birth and breastfeeding. A lumpectomy or mastectomy can also lead to a loss of pigment in the nipples.

3D Areola Treatment Tattoo

For many, discolored or light areolas cause self-consciousness and a loss of confidence. If you have had breast surgery, recently gave birth, or are going through menopause, you may be interested in areola repigmentation. With areola repigmentation, a trained professional adds pigment to the breast area to help the nipples appear properly pigmented. Every individual has areolas that range in color and size and a professional areola repigmentation artist can help replicate the most natural and attractive form possible. You can feel more confident with your body when receiving this treatment.

Areola repigmentation uses a blend of pigments and a needle to apply the proper color to the nipple area. This semi-permanent cosmetic procedure lasts for two to five years and only takes about one hour per side. The results look real, natural, and match one’s skin tone and natural areola color. A professional can also help the process feel as comfortable as possible. When going about this procedure, one will not lose feeling in their breasts. The process is safe and does not affect the nerves in the breasts.

If you are interested in receiving 3D areola treatment and repigmentation, you can receive this treatment at Organic Beauty by Eve. Organic Beauty by Eve specializes in semi-permanent cosmetic procedures and strives to help all clients feel as confident as possible. Find Organic Beauty by Eve at 3 Grace Avenue, Suite 155, in Great Neck.