What’s the Healing Process of Permanent Eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner is an excellent way to make your eyes pop without having to apply makeup every single day. If you want to wake up with fierce eyes every morning, consider permanent eyeliner. While permanent eyeliner is an appealing option, many are intimidated by the healing process. Don’t fear the healing process of permanent eyeliner though. Instead, read on to learn more about why the healing process is quick and easy.

Permanent Eyeliner Healing Process

Eyeliner has been a part of people’s makeup routines since BC. Egyptians were believed to be among the first people to wear eyeliner as a way to protect their eyes from the harsh sun. In modern time, Americans wear eyeliner to bring attention to their eyes. If you’re someone who spends time every morning adding eyeliner to your lids or waterline, eliminate this step from your routine without compromising by getting the permanent eyeliner treatment.

This procedure consists of a certified professional adding pigments to your eye area where you typically wear your liner. A professional knows exactly where to place eyeliner for the most flattering and eye-catching appearance possible. A professional also makes the process as comfortable as possible, adding numbing cream to the area before treatment.

Once your procedure is complete, it will go through a healing process. During the first two days after the treatment, your eyeliner will be slightly swollen. Most say the swelling is manageable and unnoticeable. By day three, your eyeliner color will reduce by about 30 percent, and then reach its final look after five days. The healing process is quick because the skin on your eyes heals fast, so enjoy the speedy healing and striking appearance of permanent eyeliner by visiting Organic Beauty by Eve!

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Healing Process of Permanent Eyeliner in Great Neck