This Christmas, Give the Gift of Microblading for Someone Special!

This Christmas, give the the gift of self-love to someone you care about. Book an appointment for someone special at Organic Beauty by Eve. At Organic Beauty by Eve, we offer cosmetic makeup procedures that can help individuals look and feel their best. Step outside of the box this Christmas and give your loved one something they will cherish.

Christmas Microblading from Organic Beauty

One of the procedures we offer at Organic Beauty by Eve is microblading. Instead of gifting your loved one eyebrow makeup products, give them a gift that will last for years. Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that is safe, affordable, and painless. It is also less expensive and less time consuming than routine waxing, threading, or plucking. Your loved one can wake up every single morning with flawless, natural looking eyebrows with microblading. The person you care about can spend less time doing their makeup and more time feeling confident in their appearance after enjoying the perks of microblading at Organic Beauty by Eve.

Our staff at Organic Beauty by Eve is focused on making sure every client is cared for. We take a professional approach to microblading, making sure that every customer walks out of their appointment with eyebrows that are perfect for their face shape, complexion, and hair color. Know that your loved one is being cared for when booking them an appointment at Organic Beauty by Eve this Christmas.

To schedule a microblading appointment for your loved one this holiday season, reach out to Organic Beauty by Eve by giving us a call at 646-606-4456. You can also send us an email at, or visit our website and fill out our quick form. We look forward to providing your loved one with stunning microbladed eyebrows for the holiday season!

Microblading Eyebrows Staten Island | Give the Gift of Microblading for Christmas