Summer Beauty Hacks!

During the warm summer months, our beauty routines become more minimal. Applying makeup in the hot heat is tedious and the natural look is on trend each year. Whether preparing to sit out by the pool, gather around the bonfire with friends, or enjoy a summer vacation, the following summer beauty hacks can make your makeup application easier, quicker, and more convenient for the summertime.

Summer Beauty Hacks

If you’re spending the day out in the sun, SPF is your best friend. It is important to take care of your skin when exposed to the sun. Many foundations are made with SPF already, but add a little more by mixing your foundation with a broad spectrum face sunscreen. SPF can also help out your recently colored hair. Use an SPF hairspray to maintain your color and avoid a sunburned part.

If you accidentally forgot the sunscreen and developed a burn, have no fear. Make aloe vera ice cubes to rub on your irritated skin. Make these cubes with an aloe vera gel and a little bit of water for a soothing, natural, and effective sunburn reliever.

Dry shampoo is a summertime lifesaver, but what happens when you run out? Swap your dry shampoo with baby powder to keep your hair full and fresh. Another summertime switch to consider is replacing your regular mascara with a waterproof option, so sweat and swimming won’t ruin your lashes.

Want to save time during your morning routine? Consider semi-permanent makeup procedures for the summertime. Eyelash extensions and microbladed eyebrows can help you wake up in the morning with dreamy lashes and fierce brows every single day. To receive eyelash extensions or microbladed eyebrows this summer, visit Organic Beauty by Eve. You can book an appointment with us on our website or by reaching out via phone at 646-606-4456.

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