Everything You Should Know Before You Get Your Eyebrows Microbladed!

Microblading is a procedure created to improve the fullness, shape, color and overall appearance of one’s eyebrows. It can be the perfect solution for those seeking fuller brows, who have thin, light or patchy eyebrows. During the microblading procedure, a hand tool containing nine or more tiny needles is used to create shallow cuts on the skin, which then let pigment seep in. The tiny cuts made resemble the hair of your natural eyebrow, which helps to make the procedure appear as natural as possible. The results of microblading last between one to three years, depending on your skin’s retention to pigment. The results can be considered semi-permanent, which is perfect for those who fear the commitment of having their eyebrows tattooed.

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A typical microblading appointment will take two hours, but the actual procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes. The prep for the procedure and the recovery time factor into the overall appointment length. With that being said, allow yourself some extra time to be sure you get the best results. You will also want to avoid any partying the night before your appointment, as alcohol consumption can lead to excess bleeding during your procedure. You will also want to stay out of the sun for the days following, so your skin can take the necessary time to heal.

For some, microblading hurts more than for others. There is discomfort involved in microblading, but everyone has different pain tolerance levels. To make the procedure more comfortable, numbing creams can be used.

If microblading sounds like the perfect procedure for you, consider the services provided by Organic Beauty by Eve. We serve both the New York and Los Angeles area, and are available by phone at 646-606-4456, and by email at eve@organicbeautybyeve.com.

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