Organic Beauty Can Help with Medical Services, Too!

At Organic Beauty by Eve, we provide many services to help our customers look and feel their best. Not only do we perform cosmetic procedures, such as eyebrow microblading and lip contouring, but we also perform medical procedures. Learn more about the medical services we provide to our customers by continuing on with this blog post.

3D Areola Treatment Tattoo

Organic Beauty by Eve is proud to help people with scalp pigmentation, 3D areola, and scar camouflage medical services. Scalp pigmentation is a service we provide to individuals interested in adding color to their scalp. For individuals who have areas of the scalp that are balding, thinning, or missing hair, this procedure can add color to help your hair appear more full. The scalp pigmentation procedure involves the use of tiny needles. These needles add pigments to the scalp that match your hair color and appear like real hair strands and follicles. This is a highly advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation that can help individuals in place of surgery.

The 3D areola procedure is for individuals who have undergone breast surgery or mastectomies. This service can also help those with irregular or fading areolas. With the 3D areola procedure, we replicate or improve the appearance of the natural areola. The treatment lasts between two and five years, and only takes 60 minutes per side.

With the scar camouflage procedure, the team at Organic Beauty by Eve can help those with scars feel more confident. We use a tiny needle to place small dots of color pigment onto the skin, which blend in with your skin tone to gradually cover a scar. This allows your skin to appear natural and scar-free. It can also be used to recreate skin texture or freckles.

To receive one of our medical treatments at Organic Beauty by Eve, simply schedule an appointment by visiting our website or calling us at 646-606-4456.

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