Oily Skin? Read This Before You Get Microblading!

Microblading is an outstanding way to transform your eyebrows, but those with oily skin have special care instructions that are required. With microblading, small blade strokes are made to your eyebrow area, which allows the skin to hold pigments. These pigments darken the color of your brows and shape them to your preference. Those with oily skin may have a unique time with their microblading procure, so if you have oily skin, make sure to read this blog post and follow these tips.

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An artist with experience may notice your oily skin, but sometimes makeup or reduced shine can cause your skin to not look as oily as it naturally is. Just in case your artist doesn’t notice your oily skin, be sure to tell them.

Unfortunately, those with oily skin can have the potential for a quicker fade and potential need for more touch-ups after their microblading procedure. The oils in the skin can cause the pigments under the skin to fade faster than those with normal to dry skin. For most with oily skin, the microblading procedure is still an option.

However, for some with oily skin that just won’t hold up well with microblading, shading is a potential option. Shading does not place individual strokes of pigment on your eyebrow area but instead shades the area to create a more uniform color and attractive shape. This procedure is less likely to fade or need touch-ups for those with oily skin.

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