Microblading – Precare & Postcare Microblading

Microblading is an incredible permanent makeup service that can improve the shape, fullness, and appearance of your eyebrows. If you’re interested in having this procedure done, there are some pre and post care tips to take note of.

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Before you head into your appointment, make sure you do not work out the day of the procedure. The body heat you create from exercise will cause your pores to expand. In addition, avoid heavy sunlight during the three days before your procedure, as well as several days after. You also should not consume caffeine or alcohol 24 hours before your procedure, or Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Ibuprofen, or omega-3 72 hours before your appointment. Finally, in the month before your microblading procedure, do not have botox, fillers, chemical peels or laser treatments done.

Once your microblading appointment is said and done, there are aftercare tips that we suggest you follow. Following this advice will allow your microblading procedure to be as attractive, painless and effective as possible. Do not allow your eyebrows to come into contact with water, soap or makeup for the first week following your procedure. You also should only touch your eyebrow area if you are applying post-care ointments with completely clean hands. For the best results possible, apply these ointments at nighttime for the first week after microblading. It is additionally recommended that you avoid increased sweating, swimming, sports, jacuzzis, tanning, saunas, laser or chemical treatments, picking, peeling, scratching, excess alcohol consumption, and driving in open air vehicles during the two weeks following your appointment.

Following this pre and post-care advice will allow your microblading procedure to be as comfortable, effective and easy as possible. If you’re interested in having your eyebrows microbladed, consider the services provided by Organic Beauty by Eve. Here at Organic Beauty by Eve, we offer eyebrow microblading and several other beauty services you may enjoy. To schedule an appointment with us, visit our website, give us a call at 646-606-4456, or send us an email at eve@organicbeautybyeve.com.

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