Microblading Certainly Has Its Benefits!

You surely have heard of microblading by now. The process has taken the beauty industry by storm, and today it is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures. Microblading can help people improve the appearance of sparse eyebrows. Here we list three benefits of microblading you should know about.

Organic Beauty by Eve Microblading

1. Thicker Appearance

Microblading gives sparse eyebrows a uniform appearance that adds just the right amount of volume. The artist uses fine blades to insert color pigment into the skin to fill the areas of the eyebrow with a matching color. Eyebrows will look more uniform and fuller too.

2. Long Lasting Effect

The process is semi-permanent which means fewer visits for touch-ups. A Microblading job can last anywhere from a year to three years. Your eyebrows can have a consistent look that is attractive and full for longer. You have an option to touch up as much as you like to keep your eyebrows exactly the way you want them. One of the reasons microblading is popular as it is today is its longevity.

3. The Look You Want

Microblading grants you the look you want and the confidence you desire. Your eyebrows can have the appearance you dream of, and the process doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here at Organic Beauty by Eve, the cost of microblading is only $524 with touch-ups of only $75.

The team at Organic Beauty by Eve has years of experience in microblading procedures. We pride ourselves in having clients walk out feeling confident and most importantly gorgeous. Call us today at 646-606-4456 or visit us at one of our three locations in New York to inquire about availability. The look you want is just one decision away!