In Simple Terms, Microblading is Just the Best!

When it comes to eyebrows, microblading is simply the best. Drawing on your eyebrows every day with makeup, waxing your eyebrows, tinting your brows, and threading can’t compete with microblading. Microblading requires the least amount of work, lasts the longest amount of time, and produces the best results.

Microblading Before and After

Microblading saves time. Waking up every morning and drawing on your eyebrows takes time out of your day. Instead of spending twenty minutes in the mirror every morning, consider microblading. Microblading allows individuals to wake up with their dream brows, no makeup required.

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that uses a tiny blade to apply pigments to the brow area. These pigments resemble your natural brow hair, so your microbladed eyebrows can closely match your natural appearance, while also amping it up. The tint, shape, and symmetry of your brows can be improved, all with the simple microblading procedure.

With microbladed eyebrows, you don’t have to worry about making an appointment every other week, as you do with waxing, threading, or tinting. Microbladed eyebrows require two appointments. One where the procedure is completed, and another where touch-ups are made. The second appointment is about four weeks after your first. Once these two appointments are complete, you don’t have to return for at least another year. You can go about your life with confidence. You can even go swimming or work out at the gym without worrying about your eyebrows washing off or fading. These reasons are just some of the reasons why microblading is the absolute best!

If you’re considering microbladed eyebrows, why wait? Come check us out at Organic Beauty by Eve. We offer microblading at our two locations in the New York area. Visit us at our Great Neck location or our Howard Beach location after scheduling an appointment. You can schedule your appointment on our website, or you can do so by phone. You can call Organic Beauty by Eve at 646-606-4456 today!

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