You Don’t Need a GLAM SQUAD to get the Celebrity Look, You Need Microbadling!

Have you ever looked at photos of celebrities and wondered how they got their flawless eyebrows? Even when you see paparazzi pictures of your favorite celebrity icons with no makeup on, their eyebrows still look flawless. What’s their secret?! Well, we’ll let you in on it. It’s not a top-notch glam squad or must-have makeup product. It’s actually microblading. Yep, microblading is the key to flawless brows every day of the week. Which celebrities use microblading? Well, both Bella Thorne and Carli Bybel are among the many celebrities who have microbladed eyebrows, which explain why they look just as good in their Instagram selfies as they do in real life.

great neck microblading

So what is microblading and how to do you receive the same procedure as your favorite celebrities? Well, microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that shapes, thickens, and can even darken the appearance of your eyebrows. The treatment is carried out with a small blade, which has several even smaller blades that are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. After your eyebrow area is numbed with a numbing cream, a microblading professional will go in with the microblade and create small hair-like strokes with pigment. These pigment strokes will last for anywhere between one and three years. Once the procedure is complete, you will have consistently beautiful eyebrows that will resemble those of your favorite celebrities.

If you want to get the glam squad looks without the glam squad, consider having microblading done for yourself. It’s important to schedule the procedure with a professional, so think about reaching out to us here at Organic Beauty by Eve. We have years of experience in the microblading industry and promise your brows will look absolutely flawless. Get celebrity-level brows all for yourself by reaching out to us at Organic Beauty by Eye. You can give us a call at 646-606-4456, or visit us at 3 Grace Avenue at Suite 155 in Great Neck, New York. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream brows!

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