Everything to Know about Tattooed Eyeliner in NYC

For many, eyeliner is a tedious daily task that takes up time. However, the appearance of eyeliner can draw attention to the eyes and create a striking makeup look. What if we told you there was a way to wake up with your eyeliner already on? To learn more about tattooed eyeliner, just keep reading.

Tattooed Eyeliner Before and After

Tattooed eyeliner is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that lasts for about one year. The process includes the application of pigments to the eye area to resemble eyeliner. These pigments are applied right along the lash line, for a subtle appearance that can make a statement and save time.

Before the pigments are applied, individuals can work with their artist to decide the exact color, shape, thickness, and appearance of their tattoo liner before the procedure begins. A professional artists will know exactly how to help you achieve the look you want. Once an appearance is decided on, the artist will numb the area of the skin where the pigments are applied. This reduces the amount of pain during the procedure. Some individuals say they can’t even feel the pigments being applied, while others say the process feels minimally uncomfortable.

Once tattoo liner is applied to the skin, there is little to no healing time necessary. The only thing to expect after your appointment is the possibility of little black flakes falling from your eyelashes a few days after your appointment. After about 10 days or so, tattoo liner is typically 100 percent healed.

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