Everything to Know About Lip Contouring!

The latest beauty trend is the plumped-up, oversize lip look. If you’re hoping to achieve a more full appearance with your lips, but don’t want lip injections, consider lip contouring. Learn more about lip contouring and its cosmetic benefits by continuing on with this blog post.

Lip Contouring from Organic Beauty by Eve

Lip contouring is one of the semi-permanent makeup trends that is growing in popularity. Lip contouring is a semi-permanent way to enhance the appearance of your lips without creating actual fullness. This procedure involves lining the lips, similar to lip-liner, with semi-permanent pigments. In addition to lining, your lip contouring artist will place color down the middle of the lip in a circular motion to create dimension and fullness without appearing unnatural. A lip contouring artist can create lips that match your natural color, as well as more red or pink tones depending on your desired appearance. Work with a professional artist to decide which shade is best for you.

Once you decide to go ahead with the lip contouring procedure, know that the healing process takes about 10 days. To heal, your body may experience swelling and dryness in the lip area. After 10 days these side effects go away and your lips can appear plumper without any artificial fillers. A benefit to lip contouring is how long the results last. Lip contouring lasts for longer than a year, as opposed to only six to nine months for lip fillers. Be sure to visit your lip contouring artist for a second visit and yearly touch-up to keep your contour looking fantastic.

Considering lip contouring? If so, reach out to us at Organic Beauty by Eve! Book an appointment at our salon to enjoy lip contouring that will help you wake up every day with full, natural looking lips. You can contact Organic Beauty by Eve by visiting our website or calling us at 646-606-4456.

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