Correct or Remove Permanent Tattoo Makeup!

Does your permanent makeup accentuate your facial attributes or make you wish you never went through with cosmetic tattooing, to begin with?

The good news is you absolutely can Correct or Remove Permanent Tattoo Makeup the right way!

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The beauty industry is filled with classic staples and changing trends, one of which is permanent makeup.

The application of permanent makeup is a tattoo technique that applies a permanent pigment designed to resemble makeup. Dating back thousands of years, cosmetic tattoos and markings became a major part of cultural traditions. In the late 90’s cosmetic tattooing became within the top ten fastest growing retail businesses in the U.S.

To some, the concept of permanent makeup may feel like a great idea but seem unnatural or scary. For this reason, it is imperative to do your research and arrange a consult, when possible. You are essentially getting a tattoo on your eyes, brows, and/or lips.

But, please know, should you have permanent makeup applied and are unhappy with the results, changes can be made to the color and or shape for a more pleasing aesthetic look. Permanent makeup can be corrected, covered, or removed according to your desired results.

Eyeliner cannot be removed but may be corrected for a more desired look.

Though the age of your permanent makeup, along with the number of touch ups you have had determine how many appointments will be needed to complete your removal, the process of removing permanent makeup is similar to the application process. Magnesium oxides with other ingredients within the EliminInk adhere to the iron oxides in the color pigments – safely lifting them to the surface through oxidation. A scab, that will need to be kept clean and dry until it falls off naturally, forms and falls off naturally. Then, a scar inhibitor is applied 2-3 times a day for up to 8 weeks to heal and reduce the chance of scarring.

When deciding on an application, correction or removal of permanent makeupit is best to have someone with the right credentials and experience. If you are unhappy with the application you have previously received, rest assured that we can Correct, or Remove your Permanent Tattoo Makeup!

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