Can Microblading Be a Good Solution for Alopecia?

Are you an individual dealing with alopecia? Alopecia is a term used to describe hair loss. Alopecia can be genetic or related to a health concern. It can also be caused by chemotherapy-related hair loss. If you’re suffering from alopecia, you may have a peaked interested in microblading. To learn if microblading is a good solution for your alopecia, just continue reading.

Microblading solution to alopecia

No matter the reason you are experiencing alopecia, the experience of losing your hair can be frustrating and upsetting. To feel more confident in your appearance, you likely use powders, pomades, and pencils to draw in your eyebrows on a daily basis. Not only is this process time consuming, but it also adds up in cost. Plus, it isn’t even permanent. Draw on eyebrows come off if you sweat, swim, or smudge. This isn’t the case with microblading, though.

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure, where a professional applies pigments to the brow area through a tiny blade. With microblading, the results last anywhere from one to three years. Your professional microblading artist can make your microbladed eyebrows look as natural, symmetrical, and complimentary to your face shape as possible. Plus, your microbladed eyebrows won’t come off in the shower, when you go swimming, or while you’re working out at the gym. You can wake up every single day with flawless eyebrows, despite your alopecia, with microblading!

If you’re considering microblading as a solution to your alopecia, contact Organic Beauty by Eve today! We provide microblading services to clients in the Great Neck, Howard Beach, and Amityville, New York, areas. You can schedule your microblading appointment on our website, or you can call Organic Beauty by Eve at 646-606-4456. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to helping you achieve your dream eyebrows!

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