Best Healed Microblading Results with Updated Aftercare Routine

We all know just how important eyebrows are to complete your makeup look each day. A lot of us spend more time than we’d like to admit creating that perfect shape and contour each morning. Rather than waste your precious beauty sleep, try microblading! It’s a wonderful solution for basically any skin type and involves a trained artist creating thin, hair-like strokes with ink beneath the surface of your skin to create the perfect brow. staten island microblading It’s a simple procedure that is worth the time and money spent, but it is vital that you follow aftercare instructions to keep your eyebrows looking as good as they possibly can for a longer period of time!

An important thing to know before your microblading appointment is that you have to keep your eyebrows dry for the first week after getting them done. That means no face masks, scrubs, or washes. Many generally follow a rule of thumb of no water for two weeks, but I’ve found that updating the aftercare to allow for washing after the first week provides better results and less anxiety about not being able to wash your face. However, you should avoid swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and the ocean as well as increased sweating, laster or chemical treatments, driving in open-air vehicles, and excessive drinking for the full two weeks. There’s also a period of time when your brows will begin to look darker, faded, patchy, and even scabby. This is completely normal! Your skin is healing itself and just needs a week or two to return to normal. By taking care of your brows in those first two weeks or so, you’re helping to ensure that they’ll last a long time before you need any sort of touch up, and it will help prevent the ink from bleeding and causing blurred lines rather than precise strokes.

If you’re interested in discussing the microblading process or want to book an appointment, we’d love to speak with you! Feel free to contact us via phone or through our easy to use online appointment scheduler. Here at Organic Beauty by Eve, we want to help you create the absolute best version of yourself to present to the world each day, and perfect eyebrows will help you to do just that!

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