Put That Makeup Brush Down

If you’re considering microblading, you’re probably a fan of makeup. Microblading allows individuals to wake up with eye-catching eyebrows every single morning, saving people the process of drawing their brows on every day. Even though microbladed eyebrows can be covered with powders, pomades, and pencils, it is best to wait to apply makeup after your microblading treatment.

Makeup Brushes

You shouldn’t wear makeup after your microblading appointment for several reasons. The first reason is that your skin is stressed. Microblading consists of a blade applying pigments to the skin. Even though the procedure of microblading doesn’t hurt much, it is breaking the skin. With broken skin comes a healing process. Individuals should wait for their skin to heal before applying makeup to allow the process of healing to move quickly and problem-free. Makeup absorbs into the skin, even if it is natural, vegan, and organic. Because makeup absorbs so easily, it can clog pores, lead to excess oil production, and increase the sensitivity of skin. You don’t want to combine any of these effects with the healing process of microbladed eyebrows.

It is best to wait about 14 days, or two weeks, after your microblading appointment to start wearing brow makeup again. This is an appropriate amount of time for your brows to heal. In addition to avoiding makeup, make sure you are following the post-care instructions provided by your microblading artist.

Once microbladed eyebrows are fully healed, you can wear makeup as much or as little as you desire. Microbladed eyebrows appear natural, so you can spice them up a bit with makeup for a high glam look. If you want a natural makeup look, let your microbladed eyebrows be to save time during your morning routine.

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